Individual Counseling

Together, you will work with your therapist to address a goal you set (your therapist can help with this process if you are unsure).  You might resolve an issue, work towards recovering from an upsetting issue, address trauma injury, explore thoughts and feelings, examine your beliefs, and more.

Couples Counseling

Audrey enjoys meeting with couples from all walks of life with a wide range of goals: improving communication, conflict resolution, intimacy problems, improving general problems (bickering about money, in-laws, chores), discussions about divorce and separation, LGBTQIA issues, polyamory, and much more.  Audrey has found that couples generally have a better chance for improvement in therapy if both partners wish to be in therapy (rather than one person "making" the other go).  In couples therapy, the couple (as a pair) becomes the client - Audrey takes great care never to "take a side" or play favorites.

Family Counseling

In Family Therapy, we work together as a team to reconnect the family when there is a disruption.  This could occur for any number of reasons: mental health difficulties, substance use difficulties, death, trauma, divorce, or difficulty communicating, for example.  The therapist works with the family members to find the strain(s) and work out reasonable, sustainable solutions that the family can continue on their own at home.

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