Our Story

Building A Counseling Home for Our Community

Campbell Family Counseling was created to provide the community with a place to call their counseling "home."  Our philosophy is that counseling (or therapy - the two words are often interchanged) does not have to be a once-weekly arrangement for an undetermined amount of time.  Counseling frequency, goals, and topics should be determined by the client. We will keep an ongoing conversation with our clients regarding the frequency of their appointments to make sure it's the right feel for them.  We don't want anyone to feel rushed or like things are moving too slowly -clients are in charge of their own treatment here.


We use a variety of techniques which have been tested and proven to work (evidence-based practices: ask us, we'll explain more!) including brief interventions.  The idea here is that our clients can feel better - FASTER - and get back to living the lives they want.  Once clients are feeling stable, we reduce the frequency of contact as they are comfortable until they are ready to stop meeting.  

This is where the idea of a clinical "home" comes in.  Our clients know that they are ALWAYS welcome to "come home" for follow-up visits... an "emotional tune-up" if you will. This may result in a return to care, or it may be a single session.  Think of it as preventative care for your emotional health!

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